Out of Context Science

Apr 13

“There are many explanations for such a finding other than the hypothesis that kids make us miserable.” — Is your biological clock ticking? Maybe you should ignore it

Apr 12

“If she likes what she smells, she signals the male that she’s ready by lowering her head and unlocking her genitals.” — An oral pheromone makes male wasps unattractive to females

Apr 11

“they may have been considered individuals to be feared such as witches and at death were isolated from the rest of the deceased” — Re-Analysis and Death in Iron Age Britain

Apr 10

“early research by Freund suggests that men cannot increase their ‘daily sperm output’ even with a substantial increase in the frequency of intercourse” — The man with 1000 children: the limit of male fertility

Apr 09

“To become a fossil, first you have to die without being eaten and scattered across the plains.” — Reconstructing an Ancient Fin and Watching it Paddle to Fame

Apr 08

“those that huffed the so-called moral molecule lied more and more quickly” — Trust the “trust hormone”? Oxytocin can increase deceit

Apr 07

“the lack of rat skeletons from those years is further evidence that there weren’t enough rats around” — New Evidence Exonerates Rats as Bearers of Black Death

Apr 06

“The greater the chance the outcome could not be reliably governed by the skills of the individual, the more elaborate the preceding ritual.” — Fooling Ourselves: The Everyday Role of Ritual

Apr 05

“So the cats are really just a drop in the ocean.” — Monday Micro – First documented cases of cat to human transmission of TB

Apr 04

“This could reflect some aspect of mortuary ritual but could just have been someone digging a grave adjacent to this one and moving bones around” — Earliest Evidence of Gigantism-Like Disease Found in 3,800-Year-Old California Skeleton

Apr 03

“Error rates exceeding 20 percent are harmless in the lab, but they can have severe consequences in applied settings.” — How Hard Is It to Catch a Fake Passport?

Apr 02

“People are just not exerting the effort to turn all of the boxes around” — Serving size swaps: a research perspective

Apr 01

“hot electrons, in an effort to get to cooler areas, are able to push the magnetic fence outward.” — New Magnetic Mechanism Could Advance Fusion Power

Mar 31

“one female leopard rubbed the scent so much, she ended up in a fit of uncontrollable sneezes” — Big Cats and Cologne

Mar 26

“people who hold strong beliefs in conspiracy theories tend to make more errors in understanding statistical concepts” — Coincidences Reflect a Rational Mind